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by Armin Keil 





Subjects covered in this book are:

 12/8 Exercises

There are 4 different 12/8 exercises in the book.

 play 12/8 exercise number 3



 Full written piano montuno parts

There are 25 different montunos in the book.

 play Montuno number 12



 exercises with typical latin breaks (clave!!)

There are 14 different breaks with montunos in the book.

 play breaks with Montuno number 7 & 8



 examples of piano improvisation

There are 6 different examples of piano improvisation in the book.

 play example number 4



 some latin standards

There are 6 different latin standards in the book.

 play Que Te Pasa

All latin standard parts come along with extra bass-line charts.



For easier practising a play-along cassette with all exercises on comes along with the book.

Price for book & cassette, postage and shipping is US$25.

ISBN 3-928506-00-5

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Examples for listening

midifile (22k) siempre lo mismo - arranged by Armin Keil

sample wave (185k) musa & letra - arranged by Armin Keil,

Orquesta Siguaraya P.R.-1985


New CD


all arrangements written by Armin Keil


samples from LATINOAMERICA: 




There are 12 titels on this CD.

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